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Liquid Gold from Napa Valley


The Advantages of Being Late.

Dolce represents the pinnacle of late harvest winemaking. Indeed, Dolce is the only American winery dedicated to producing a single late harvest wine. Created in 1985 by the partners of Far Niente, Dolce has achieved what no other winery in the United States has been able to accomplish. And we’ve done so through painstaking efforts that involve the finest craftsmanship and the willingness of Mother Nature to lend a hand.

The result? A sublime blend of acidity and sweetness thanks to the luxurious and rare combination of late harvest Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

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We Take Our Sweet Time.

We’re patient. Late harvest wines take time and an extraordinary level of focused attention. Beyond that, in order to create a wine with the qualities of Dolce, it takes land that seemingly was designed for this very purpose. Land with a combination of gravel, volcanic ash, loam and clay which has been formed over thousands and thousands of years. At Dolce, we like to believe that whatever force was behind the formation of this land had these 20 acres at the southern end of the Napa Valley in mind for something truly special.


Dolce is our single late harvest wine that offers a sweeter take on excellence. We invite you to enjoy its unique characteristics. See for yourself why Dolce is one of a kind.

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